The Good Company, Company

I’m Jess Djohari and I enjoy working with like-minded people. Nothing is too difficult because challenges give me purpose.  I am a…

Freelance Graphic Designer

Logos, Pamphlets, Business Cards, Illustrations, and Web Solutions

Crazy Crochet Lady

From Amigurumi to knit-wears, I am hooked!

Health Advocate

It is a personal passion of mine to share my journey of maintaining good health without breaking the bank

Bargain Hunter

Anything to save me some bucks and get the most out of them


My provision of dynamic, highly functional visual communication solutions are delivered from concept to completion in a professional manner. These solutions will strengthen and enhance your business in remaining relevant in our constantly evolving technological environment. My quality service is offered with integrity and competitive rates.

  • Diary of a high-functioning Fibromyalgia #4

    This time I want to share some of my favourite relaxation tricks that helped me manage the Fibromyalgia symptoms. This one is not only beneficial for the Fibromyalgia sufferers but also to everyone who are well and healthy who can use relaxation tricks in their own home. Find out if salt water bath is for […]

  • Diary of a High-Functioning Fibromyalgia #3

    When I was waiting to pick up my prescription medicines at the pharmacy, I saw that the supplement products were on sale. So I thought I might stock up on Magnesium and Pro-biotic while I’m there. I know how expensive they can be, especially on those trustworthy brands such as Nutra-Life and Go Health.

  • TBT-Drake Leather LTD

    Drake Leather Limited Throw Back Thursday Curated by Caleb Hyslop In this week’s ‘Throw Back Thursday’ I would like to talk about a special local shop in Dunedin.

  • Guide to home remedies using essential oils

    For many years, I have been using essential oils for a variety of uses at home, such as for facial oil, topical healing, and aromatic therapy.

  • Diary of a high-functioning Fibromyalgia #2

    So far, you’ve read my perspective on the start of my journey with Fibromyalgia. My intention in writing this is to share my unshakable belief that myself and my fellow sufferers can overcome this. I also have the desire to raise an awareness of how real this condition is and to eventually encourage more studies […]